To Appreciate And Understand The Art Of Indian Classical Music

Our Classes

Our focus: Is teaching Tabla in the true traditional style.

Classes are taught in a friendly environment, giving the student a comfortable learning atomsphere. Our small class sizes allow the teachers to give proper care and attention to each student.

Classes are available during the day as well as evenings and weekends You can register at anytime prior to coming to class. Call 416-917-9425 today to register.

All students have the opportunity to study with Amar’s teacher, Sri Hindol Majumdar on his visit to the Tabla House. Tabla workshops are conducted on a Yearly basis.

Class Levels for Tabla


No Experience Necessary. Students learn the basic strokes as well as recitation of the Tabla Bols. There are different levels within the beginners stage.


Once the Student has completed the beginning classes they continue improve their playing potential of tabla, by learning more difficult compositions and more intricate timing of the Tabla Bols. There are different levels within the intermediate stage.


When a student has reached this level we greatly encourage the student to do public performances as well pay special attention to their tonal expression.